We deliver mobile apps of different scales and complexities

As experts in mobile application development, we have developed many successful apps for different industries. Our aim is to deliver custom, cost-effective and high-performance mobile applications for clients with the hope that we can bring true values to their business.


We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.If you have an idea our team can give it life on an app. Equipped with the latest in technology our development team constantly upgrades itself to ensure we remain at the top of our game. We provide high resolution and rich graphical application design through the use of the latest equipment in 2D and 3D graphics.

Multiple Domain End to End Solution

Our readily available solutions for Android, iOS and websites for various industries


Based on mobile side to achieve online shopping, online transactions and a variety of business activities, trading activities and related integrated service activities of a new model.


Using ‘mobile’ technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops that enables the learner to gain knowledge or skill through study, experience, collaboration or being taught without being in a fixed location.


Mobile financial services (“MFS”), such as mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile commerce and mobile investment, represent a growing and promising class of mobile services for consumers.


Today get news via mobile device maybe have been a habit of anyone. Provide classified, analyzed ,real-time news can help to attract customers, and make helps to your business.

Real Estate

Mobile application for Real Estate provide services in field of payments management, customers management, lease management and project management.


Search scenic information and buy tickets and products of scenic-Spot with mobile device is more and more popular now. Combine tourist resources and development can make good help for your business.

Mobile Applications

80% of the world’s population today has mobile phones. This creates a whole new channel of communication to your end user. At Divsum, we help you to maximize this advantage by integrating the mobile world into your existing business processes. If you have an existing website or are planning for one, Divsum helps you integrate this advantage into your business.